The KAT5 Terminals multi-connection battery terminal system is designed to bring quick resolution to common battery terminal issues. When people look at our terminals, it instantly makes sense. Our multi-connection battery terminal features three or five or five-way options that allow you to manage all of your battery power needs quickly and safely.

Whether you’re camping, need to make a truck battery more accessible to charge, connecting a depth finder to your boat battery, a control system for a round baler module in the cab of a tractor, providing power to light bars or a radio on an ATV, or running decoys and lights in a duck blind; the KAT5 Terminals multi-connection battery terminals provide maximum performance in the outdoors, while effectively limiting the need for multiple batteries, saving you time, and money.

Our battery terminals are also made using stainless steel hardware and solid zinc, which provides improved conductivity and lighter weight when compared to the lead alternative. They are also free of harmful chemicals and extremely corrosion resistant. The terminal posts are treaded, helping to make a better connection. They are easy to connect and can be affixed permanently to your battery or quickly stowed away.

Just apply the KAT5 terminal to your battery, unscrew the colored cap, and connect your device.


Designed by avid outdoorsmen in Nashville Tennessee.


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